Funny how we all take hundreds of photos of our first child, then if the second child is a different sex, they stand a chance of having nearly as many pictures, but generally speaking, the more children there are, the less of a chance they get at having a full portfolio of memories. 
So, if you don’t want to be accused of “You never took nearly as many pictures of me as you did of him/her” then heed my words…
Because they are newborns for such a short space of time, then life gets busy and before you know it, that babe in arms is a toddler on his or her way to becoming a name on a school application form.

Requests to take photos of babies can be as tricky as taking photos of adults.

Sometimes having the parents on the scene can be an enormous distraction….especially for the baby!
Babies pick up on their parent’s anxiety and I need to make the background look good before I even pick up the camera. So a calm atmosphere at the start is essential. Sleeping babies are a doddle, but Mum and the family are expecting more than a cot shot.