Life on the cut

My husband Rob spent several years in his boyhood living in a lock keeper’s cottage on the Staffs and Worcs canal. He’s mad about canals and boating life. So it makes sense that we spend our holidays ‘up the cut’.

By 2005 our girls had flown the nest, and my poor demented Mother passed away, so we decided to buy a narrowboat. This after a great many annual boating holidays.

At the same time an American author asked me if I could find a rural Summer let for him and his family, so that he could take time out to write a book.

All our ducks were in place…..

He, his wife and young son moved into our barn at Easter for 6 months.

Allowing us to cruise down the Grand Union to the River Thames.
We sold the boat at the end of the season after the best holiday ever.
We still get away for boatie holidays whenever we can.
We are now on our third boat Nb Chrissie named after one of my Grandmothers.
If you want to read about her (the boat, not my Gran) then take a look at Rob’s website for a more technical story.

It’s impossible for me not to take shots on the British Waterways, the wildlife nature, traditional boats, friendly canal folks, boat festivals and life in the slow lane.