Have you still got that photo of our cat ?

I’m always sorry when owners of recently bereaved cats get in touch with me and ask if they can have a copy of a photo I once took of their beloved pet. ” You know, the one you took of him at So-and-So’s birthday party that time?”
“When was that ?” I ask. “Can you remember what age the child was then ?”
Turns out the party was 12 or 13 years ago…! But in all that time, they haven’t got one decent photo of the poor creature to treasure!
I do help out when I can, but several thousand photos have been taken since that happy day long ago, with probably another half a million other shots. Obviously I have many photos seared into my memory, but it’s difficult to remember every cat, no matter how much the owner thinks that it was the most outstanding Moggy in the World. 
I do love cats, and I’m always surprised when they are seldom caught in “a really good picture, like the one you took”.