The Two Hills Race

One of Chagford’s major sporting events and a great fundraiser for local charities.
Hundreds of local residents turn out to cheer the competitors on at the start of the race up nearby Meldon and Natterdon hills. 
The start line is at base camp, namely the Cricket Pavillion at the Jubilee field not far out of town. It’s a tricky climb through a Moorland common almost from the start, and spectators watch in awe to see front runners climb through bracken and gorse as they climb to the top of Meldon, then disappear out of sight downhill and up again to the summit of Natterdon. Marshals keep an eye on progress throughout the route.
The crowd will not see the competitors until they arrive back in the village and make their way back onto the sports field, where a great roar goes up from the mass of supporters around the finishing tape.