The Big Day

Being a Wedding Photographer is hard work and great fun.
I loved covering weddings, I loved the sense of occasion, the happiness, tradition and family aspect as well as the emotion that most couples share on this very special day.
The biggest rewards came when the new Mr. and Mrs. arrived to collect their photos and tell us how much they enjoyed their day and how happy they are with our results.
I was the principal photographer, and Rob my husband also recorded all manner of interesting things such as a close up of the trim on the wedding cake, the boxes of confetti in a pile waiting, bridesmaids shoes and lots more, for wedding memories galore.

Being a wedding photographer, it  helps if you are a people person and just as important,  that your camera equipment is serviced and up to speed with spares of everything you might need.

Arriving at the bride’s house to find that she is fussing about whether a distant Aunt is coming to the wedding, when she herself hasn’t had anything to eat, she’s not fixed her hair or make-up and nobody’s thought about what to do with the yapping house dog, can be a bit of a facer.

You are most likely on nodding terms with the Wedding Car Proprietor and you know that he will be here in 40 minutes prompt.

The bride has asked for photos of herself leaving the house, and her Dad is leaning on the back fence having a smoke and a chinwag with his next door neighbour. It’s clear from his demeanour and the empty bottles, that they have already started celebrating.
That suspicion is confirmed when I’m offered a drink “Anything you like Pet, you name it !”

Oh what memories…. 
Happy days. I’ve helped dress many a Bride who’s Mother has failed with the fiddly lacing on a bridal corset or dress, and I’ve pinned more buttonholes to wedding guests than I can remember. Oh yes, and I changed a baby’s nappy before leaving for church too. Smiley face !!
That child is now courting himself…..