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Your baby will change from day to day.
A photo taken of your brand new baby will often look completely different to one taken just a week later.
Babies fill out in the first few days of life. And then month by month the changes are enormous.

We all think that we will remember each and every detail of our own perfect child, but once your baby changes it is quite a job to recall him or her on that very special day.

For Grandparents who live miles away, a close up photo of your new family member is most welcome.

The months that follow offer hundreds of chances to capture favourite moments.
It’s such a thrill for me to take photos at the christenings of my previous brides and grooms.

I have covered a Jewish Circumcision ceremony in Exeter.
Lady photographers are the only women allowed into the inner part of the synagogue during this ceremony.
Fortunately any sadness is forgotten at the party later.

Birthday parties are such a buzz for a photographer. With small children focussed on joining in the games, the entertainment, blowing out the candles, this is an ideal chance to capture the moment.